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Triple your PROFITS...

The Value of Finding the Focus

I help small to medium-sized engineering, facilities and project management businesses, who are frustrated and tired of being held accountable for the poor decisions their clients make, and are now working 90+hours a week, struggling to cover costs, and worried their business is going to fail; To triple their profits WITHOUT tripling their problems.

The Finding the Focus program is a three-step system, designed to triple your profits, sustainably scale your business, and give you time back in your day.

No more wasting your time working on problem after problem.

No more spending money on generic solutions that don’t work.

Just real, no BS answers to your problems, to scale your business, reduce your costs, reduce your problems.


The best part is you get time back for what’s important to you – the next phase of your business, your family, and your health.

Following this system, clients have been able to improve their revenue, market share, profitability, and attract and retain top talent -- all while getting time back to live the life they want.

Discover financial freedom and security through your business.

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WHY CHOOSE FINDING THE FOCUS - How we make a difference

Leveraging twenty years of business improvement, strategic planning, project management, complex change and leadership across Operations, Supply Chain, Facilities and Asset Optimisation, I provide a range of services to help you triple your profits without tripling your problems. 

Whether you are a Strata Manager, Building or Facilities Manager, or a Trade Service Provider; I have developed a simple three-step system to help you deliver:

  • A resilient, sustainable, and profitable business

  • New customers and clients

  • Ongoing customer and client retention

  • Higher engagement across your business

  • New investors

  • A business that attracts and retains great talent


Reduce stress

Standing Meeting

The Story So Far

Bringing together twenty years of experience, critical thinking, and a passion for solving problems, I am able to work, engage, and think seamlessly end-to-end across your business.


This delivers exceptional results with predictable outcomes.

I believe that the secret to success is not a secret

I believe that every business can and should be successful


Advisory Services

Strategic and Project planning and delivery


Coaching and Mentoring

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